Functional Medicine Evaluation

Ask how we can help improve your health with our customized, blood-based reports.

Finally a medical clinic that focuses on drug free, naturally minded medical approaches to reduce pain, address disease, and live with optimal health.

Our newly integrated medical clinic uses the best of medicine and the best of natural approaches to assist the body in healing, repairing, and self-regulating.  From severe arthritic conditions to hypertension, and from head aches to hormone dysfunction, there is almost always a path to better health without harmful medications or surgery.  We are now offering functional medicine services, lab work, nutrition, IV nutrient therapy, chiropractic care, hormone and weight loss solutions, physical therapy modalities, trigger point injections, joint rehabilitative care, neurofeedback, and and so much more.  Let us help you get to root causes of your conditions.

– Dr. Christopher Murray | 402-463-4257

IV Nutrient Therapies

IV nutrient therapies provided in our office deliver vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This procedure provides superior absorption compared to oral supplements. Some patients also need enhanced nutrient support due to poor digestion, significant health concerns, and poor dietary habits.  We provide vitamin C, all forms of vitamin B, Glutathione, NAD+, amino acids, and more to help our patients live optimally.

DOT Examinations in Hastings, NE

With Dr. Murray’s focus on primary care he also performs DOT physical exams, DOT drug testing, and DOT breath alcohol testing. Dr. Murray has taken the new DOT medical examiner training required by FMCSA/DOT.





Murray Natural Integrated Health provides state of the art thermal imaging, also knows as thermography.  It can provide crucial non-invasive breast screening information as an adjunct to mammography. For more information check out our imaging website.

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What is metabolism? Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.  Metabolism occurs around the clock, even when you are sleeping.  In fact, the term used for what your body burns at rest is called resting metabolic rate and...

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